Avance Abismo de Pasión Capitulo 22

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El Abismo de Pasión. Abismo de Pasion capitulo 1 Gran Estreno, will broadcast at Televisa. Avance Abismo de Pasìon Capitulos Online. Abismo de pasión Capitulos Completos en linea. Abismo de pasión capitulos completos Todos. Ver Abismo de Pasìon capitulo Telenovela Online. El Abismo de Pasión. El Abismo de Pasión Capitulo 22. Ver Abismo de Pasión Capitulo 22. Avance Abismo de Pasión Capitulo 22.

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Abismo de Pasión ("Abyss of Passion") is a Mexican telenovela of executive producer by Angelli Nesma Medina and written by Caridad Bravo Adams, directed by Sergio Catano and Claudio Reyes Rubio, a remake of Cañaveral de Pasiones produced in 1996. Angelique Boyer and David Zepeda are the protagonists. Mark Tacher, Blanca Guerra, Altair Jarabo and Sabine Moussier are the antagonists.

Abismo sprinkled with famous stars such as, Angelique Boyer, David Zepeda, Mark Tacher, and Alejandro Camacho will entertain your family in the latest telenovela, Abismo de Pasion, is packaged in a very interesting story and impressive. Like the other telenovela story that has captured the attention of fans and viewers become favorite shows in various countries, Abismo created by Caridad Bravo Adams comes with interesting stories to satisfy the lovers of telenovela. Story of love, betrayal, hypocrisy, greed, loyalty, true love, lust, pride, and the various intrigues could we see in Abismo de Pasion.

Elisa (Angelique Boyer), daughter of Augusto Castañón (Alejandro Camacho) and Estefania Bouvier de Castañón. When Carmina (Sabine Moussier) will go along with Rosendo Arango (Alfonsina husband and father of Damián), Estefania trying to prevent and deter Rosendo not to leave his family. However, unavoidable accidents, killing both. Carmina then concocted a story to make people believe and do not blame, Carmina told Augusto that his wife was unfaithful and had disdaining. Worse, Augusto believe Carmina hoax.

Although there is no love, out of spite and hurt has been abandoned and betrayed by his wife, Augustus married to Carmina. Meanwhile, Alfonsina (Blanca Guerra) decided to separate Damián (David Zepeda) from Elisa to send Damián to learn outside of the city. Several years later, Damián returned and has become a handsome young adult.

Paolo Landuchi (Sergio Mayer), the uncle of Florencia (Altair Jarabo), enchanted by the beauty Elisa has grown into a beautiful young girl. Damián fell in love with Elisa, as well as Elisa. They fell in love and want to establish a wonderful relationship from friendship to lovers who loved each other and love. However, Damián had to compete with Gael (Mark Tacher) who also loves Elisa. Besides their romance opposition from Elisa's father, Augusto.

Augusto continues to hurt and betrayal shadowed by his wife, Estefania by Rosendo. So when he learned the relationship Damian and Elisa, Augusto tried to separate them. Augusto threatened to kill Damián if Elisha did not want to stay away from Damián. For the love of Damián and to protect the man she loved, Elisa desperate, willing to do anything and to obey his father, Elisha finally agreed to marry with Gael. Of course, Elisa knew that her decision to marry Gael will hurt Damián and her friends, Paloma González, who was passionate Gael. How the full story? Do not miss out, watch Abismo. Love requires sacrifice and struggle. Success is determined by the Almighty. Rest assured, holy love will be brought to death. Para curar su curiosidad, así como flashback anterior, ver a Abismo de Pasión Capitulo 21 en linea.

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