Chocodot Chocolate With Dodol

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44182. CHOCODOT - Indonesian Chocolate. Chocodot, Chocolate with dodol Garut - chocolate with Indonesia lunkhead. CHOCODOT a chocolate contents lunkhead is the first in the world, wedding chocolates with lunkhead Garut, and is a by-the City of Garut a very tasty and delicious. Curious to try? please visit Oxe Chocolate Chocodot or

Chocodot, Chocodot is chocolate contents Garut dodol/lunkhead, which was born from the creativity Kiki Gumelar. Chocodot base material made ​​of dark chocolate and white chocolate combined with the lunkhead/dodol Garut that gave birth to a new taste that is unique and delicious. Unique taste that distinguishes Chocodot with other brands of chocolate.

Chocodot deliver breakthrough was always broke new ground by creating a unique flavor variations and different from existing ones. Chocodot be packaged like a magnet for foreign output chocolate. The difference, in packing there is information about tourism Garut. In fact, Chocodot issued a special edition taken from the tourist attractions and some mountains in Garut, such as Mount Papandayan (blend of milk chocolate with a lunkhead), Cikuray (milk chocolate with a lunkhead cheese), Thunder Mountain (milk chocolate with milk dodol), Mount Haruman (dark chocolate with a lunkhead), Mount Talaga Bodas (white chocolate with a lunkhead). Brodol (dodol brownies) and many other unique flavors.

If you have not tried, immediately try to enjoy the pleasures. Many flavors according to your taste. Choose from a variety of flavors, including: fruit flavor, taste chili, ginger flavor, the taste of coffee, milk flavor, chocolate flavor, peanut flavor, cinnamon and others. If you can not come directly to the city of Garut, Jawa Barat - Indonesia, you do not need to worry, you can shop online. So, wait no more.

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