December, 21 12 2012 Apocalypse

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December, 21 12 2012 Apocalypse, The World Ends ... if you are one of those who believe that tomorrow Friday, is the Day of Resurrection? I am one of those who believe in the hereafter, believing that the end was inevitable. Is tomorrow is the Day of Resurrection??

We can see that the signs of impending doom was already there .. the more people who commit sin and sinners, many apostates, and not launching the command of God, many people are getting away from religion ... even people who do not believe on religion ..

Many people are not aware that free state of the world today is in a situation where almost all small signs of Judgement has emerged. Some examples of small signs of Judgement below:

Divorce is a lot going on
Many deaths occur suddenly (suddenly)
Many Quran given garnish
Mosques were awoken by magnificent
Agreement and the transactions are not complied
Various equipment muzik played
Different types khamr (Arak) drunk man
Adultery is committed openly
The traitor was trusted (the leader)
People who trust are considered traitors
The spread Pena (many books published)
Markets (Mall, Plaza, Supermarket) Adjacent
Shedding of blood is considered a small matter
practice usury

Muhammad indicate the existence of two marks ahead of the mission of Imam
Mahdi in the Islamic Ummah. First, many disputes between people, both the occurrence of many earthquakes. If we look at the state of the world today, though the battle will never berhnti and earthquakes also turns.

My brother, let us get ready for the coming of the signs of the end times. Doomsday is inevitable ... but who knows when ... no one knows ... it is God's secret. O God, put us into the ranks of the Mahdi army will earn one of the two goodness: 'Isy Kariman (noble life under the auspices of the Shari'ah of Allah) au mut martyrdom (or Martyrdom). Amin ya Rabb. By telenovela.

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